From Marek

‘Both Rob and I competed at the Nationals at Bisley this past weekend .
  In the Riflecompetition, Rob came away with 2 gold medals , 5 silvers and 2 bronze. He won the combined Bianchi Aggregate  for small bore and fullbore making him the Bianchi National Rifle Champion  as well as being the National Champion in Classic underlever (Iron Sights) .
In the Handgun competitions, I won 4 golds . 3 silvers . 1 bronze .I became  the National Precision Handgun Champion based on 25m and 50m in both  Revolver and Pistol .Also I became the   National Handgun Short Comps. Champion which is an aggregate  of  T&P1 in Revolver and Pistol /Multi target in Revolver and Pistol  and Advancing Target in Revolver and Pistol  .
We also both shot for Wales in Rifle helping secure aHome Count
ies Silver Medal ‘.

Congratulations to Rob Wheeler and Marek Paulik from us all.

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