On Sunday, in the rain, we shot the Xmas Practical on the 50m range. This year for some unknown reason John decided to theme it on WW1. We had trench crawling through specially imported Flanders mud, shooting through broken glass and loopholes, – minefields to contend with and a scaling ladder to get us out of the trenches, with a bit of bomb chucking to clear the way. As can be imagined, the Septuagenarian’s  did not do well at any of this and thus propped up the bottom of the table. The younger members (who knew where their gun’s pointed as well) did much better as can be seen. Boo sucks to the rest who took one look at the dooing’s and turned tail  – fleeing to the comparative shelter of the 25m range where there were fewer Germans shooting back. A thanks to John for organising things (even though he wisely decided not to participate himself)

It was nice to welcome back Gareth Rees, now living in Llanelli & long time member and also Vaughan.

Xmas Practical Results

  • 1. Robert  Wheeler           185secs

  • 2. Dafydd Perks                 215

  • 3. Adam Kendrick             248

  • 4. Vaughan Holding          309

  • 5. David Scheeres             314

  • 6. Jan Trussler                   399

  • 7. Gareth Rees                   508