Here are the results of the Xmas Practical – no Reindeer were intentionally harmed.

Tinsel everywhere and bobber steel plates. Next year they may well be dressed up as baubles. A good time was had by all. Steve ran out of ammo, Tim used his Henry which takes 10 mins to load (on a good day), Adam had 6 goes at the last bobber before killing it. Jan had a sticky gun for some unknown reason (still under investigation). The rest had no excuses, but Lance did take the middle out of all his paper targets.

Still, it keeps us off the streets. (33 rounds minimum ammo)

Xmas Practical Sunday Dec 9th. 2018.

Pos. Competitor Base time (s) Penalties Agg. Time.
1 Mark Simpkins 198 2 218
2 Lance Rose 277 0 277
3 Adam Kendrick 295 1 305
4 John Munt 270 6 330
5 Jan Trussler 367 1 377
6 Tim Sutton 483 7 553
7 Steve Byrne (ran out of ammo) 437 14 613