As I wrote in my report last year the numbers taking part in the Championship was again disappointing, especially when your own club members do not enter.

My big thanks to Tom and Shonagh Clark and John May for again travelling down to West Wales.

For John May it was a worthwhile journey, starting with a 95 in the Free Pistol, he went on to score a fantastic 99 in Kuchenreuter Replica. What a pity (or relief) that he did not shoot Marriette, where a mere 85 would have made him the Pistol Champion – watch out next year.

Thanks to Shonagh and Tom for assisting in the running the ranges on Saturday and to club member Mark Simpkins (a non M/L shooter) for running the ranges all day on Sunday.

Despite the lack of shooters, those who took part enjoyed themselves both on the range and chatting in the clubhouse. Report by John Munt