Here are the results of the Welsh Open. Many thanks to John for almost single- handedly running everything – and managing to win as well. Congratulations.

(Report from Peter B)

The Welsh Muzzle Loading Championships took place at Haverfordwest Shooting Club on Saturday the 13th and Sunday 14th May 2017.
The weather was perfect, sunny, with a slight wind to waft away the clouds of black powder smoke. The number of entrants was disappointing. This, unhappily, seems to be following a downward trend in those shooters taking part in any black powder shoots anywhere in this country.
Notwithstanding that fact, those of us who did partake had a most enjoyable time, with over thirteen separate events we could have entered.  It was great to see some new HTSC members taking part, and doing well. Tim Sutton’s Mariette score only one point short of a place.
The whole event was organised by John Munt who ran the two days calmly and professionally, so much so that despite all the work he was doing in organising, he managed to shoot so well that he won the highest award, emerging as the Welsh Pistol Champion!
Well done John.
The Welsh Rifle Champion was again John Taylor from Cardiff.
Additional notes from John.
Well done to club new member Tim Sutton who had the balls (.454″) and a new revolver to shoot in the competition. In the morning he shot the free Pistol competition and then in the afternoon entered the Mariette (Replica Revolver) and increased his morning score by 24 points. he also shot 50M revolver and obtained a decent score at his first attempt.
Congratulations are also due to Karl Davies for having a go. What he got out of his shooting was more experience as well as some tuition and advice from more seasoned campaigners on grip, stance, follow through etc. By having a go he built up valuable experience and knowledge.
The important thing to learn from this is that novices do not get laughed at or ridiculed,and will inevitably be helped by some of the best shooters in the country.
Then, on the other hand, the semi-professionals get the Micky taken unmercifully on the occasions that they drop the ball!!
As a general point of range conduct, do not interrupt  muzzle loaders when they are loading as they might get the procedure out of sequence and end up swearing copiously at you.

Welsh Muzzle Loading Championship 2017

Held at HTSC 13- 14 May

Kuchenreuter Original
1. John Munt                          89
2. Tim Ward                            88
3. Tom Clark                           85
4. John May                            83
5. Shonagh Clark                    78
Kuchenreuter Replica
1. John May                            94
2. Tim Ward                            92 (4x)
3. John Munt                          92 (2x)
4. Peter Biebrach                    89
5. Shonagh Clark                    85
6. Chas Rone                          69
7. Karl Davies                          42
1. Mike Thomas                      94
2. John Munt                          89
3. Shonagh Clark                    61
1. Mike Thomas                      90
2. John Munt                          89
3. Peter Biebrach                    81
4. Tim Sutton                          80
5. Tim Ward                            78
6. Nigel Craddock                   76 
1. Tom Clark (replica)             66
2. Tom Clark (orig)                 59
Free Pistol
1. John May                            92
2. Peter Biebrach                    88
3. Mike Thomas                      86
4. Tim Ward                            85
5. Nigel Craddock                   82
6. Tim Sutton                          56
50m Pistol
1. Peter Biebrach                    81
2. Tim Ward                            71
3. Karl Davies                          09
50m Revolver
1. Nigel Craddock                   64
2. Peter Biebrach                    55
3. Tim Sutton                          24
Free Rifle
1. John Taylor                         91
2. Peter Biebrach                    90
3. Paul James                          62
4. Lewis Cox                            31
Military Rifle
1. John Taylor                         78
2. Paul James                          64
3. Lewis Cox                            57
Flint Rifle
1. John Taylor                         83
2. Paul James                          55
3. Lewis Cox                            48
Welsh Rifle Champion
Winner                        John Taylor
R-Up                            Paul James
3rd                                Lewis Cox
Welsh Pistol Champion
Winner                        John Munt
R-Up                            Tim Ward
3rd                                Peter Biebrach