Here is the report for the WGR Open meet held at the club, from John

I was disappointed by the lack of entries from my own club members! Watch out next year – I shall be putting the pressure on you shooters! There are classes in the comps for all levels, so you only compete with shooters of your own class.

i would like to congratulate Matthew Cummings for having a go at several comps. he was rewarded by winning the Multi Target SB in Class B and came 4th on count-back in TP1 SB Class B was won by Mark Simpkins. I managed to win Class A in TP1 CF. Mark also won Class B in TP1 SB. Matthew also came first in the 1500 Class D.

Well done Matthew! – and it goes to show if you just have a go you can end up a winner. Other shooters taking part were Peter Biebrach, Adam Kendrick, Rob Wheeler, Marek Paulik, Jill Tanner and Sutton Tanner.

Rob Wheeler shot in the International event against England, and in the TP1 CF he was the top shooter with 300 – 25X

Marek was the LBR Aggregate overall winner, as well as winning the 25 M precision LBR event. He also came second in the LBR Multi Target competition.

Most probably the happiest shooter was Sutton Tanner, who besides coming 3rd in Class A in TP1 SB, also beat his wife Jill, something that does not happen very often ( I hear the sound of a Rolling Pin being sharpened as we speak – Ed.) Well done Sutton, and commiserations to Jill .

For those of you that have looked at the results ( See ), the reason I came last in the 1500 GR was that firstly my lever fell out and later the feed mechanism just failed so I had to retire!


A bit of history – These Championships were started and run by HTSC back in the late 1980’s and around 1999 they moved to Wrexham Club. Under the auspices of the WGR Association, they have now returned home.

JM 21/08/2017.