The Club is licensed for guns up to 45cal and 1500fps and the 10m for 6ft lb at 25 m. The 50 and 100M range are licensed for 5160 ft/lbs –  7000 Joules and 3280 ft/sec or 1000 m/sec. We run a club competition every month throughout the year and during the summer shooting season we attend and hold inter-club competitions. We regularly host National and International competitions. Several of the more experienced shooters regularly compete in competitions across the country with varying degrees of success. One or two shooters usually taking away a trophy for one of the first three places. We also travel away to competitions all over Wales and Warwick, Bisley and France. (No competition to hard – no distance too far).
Gallery Rifle is shot at different distances and is far more varied. It is shot with iron sights, red dots and sighting scopes, depending on the individual competitors choice.
The ‘1500 Match‘ is a series of matches shot in different positions and at different distances in strings of 6 shots (with reloads). The course of fire is too complex to list here but consists of 150 rounds of small bore and 150 rounds of full bore.
Multi-Target Match‘ (Service B) Shot at 2 targets side by side at each exposure of the targets. Timings vary from 15 seconds to 8 seconds depending on the distances 25yds – 20yds – 15yds – 10yds. This match consists of 24 rounds.
Timed and Precision‘ (PP1) This involves 30 rounds, shot at three distances. The target will make 3 or 6 appearances of different second intervals depending on the distance, 25yds – 15yds or 10yds.
The ‘Man v Man‘ is an excellent course of fire. Two competitors shoot against each other at different types of targets (plates, drop down targets etc). At the start signal the shooters move quickly to their start position, load and fire until all the targets are down, then on to the next stage and pick up the weapon, load and fire, and so on until all the targets are down. The bout will be decided by the best of three legs, the winner and loser will go forward to further bouts depending on their scores, giving each shooter at least two opponents even if they are knocked out in the first stage. This is a very exciting discipline to enter and even more exciting to watch, because the competitors have to shoot quickly and accurately to score. One thing I would suggest is – make sure you have enough ammunition on your person!!
Black Powder Pistols‘. The competition is with replica and original black powder pistols and is shot at 25m, thirteen shots in 30mins, the best ten to count.
Practical‘. This competition is usually shot with a variety of guns, all kinds of obstacles to overcome and different sorts of targets. Another competition which and great to take part in and fun to watch.
Bell Target‘ is shot with air rifles. A clean bell, pellet through the hole leaving no mark on the plate scores 5.1. Targets will be scored and painted after every shot. Entering competitions is not mandatory and no one is pressured into the shoot but it does improve your shooting skills and it’s fun. Alternatively, if you only want to “plink”, then that’s okay with us. We are always pleased to see people with a genuine interest in shooting and welcome new members, male and female, subject to the probationary membership period. You don’t have to be super fit to participate in the shooting sport. There are many competent disabled people who enjoy the challenge of this sport. Shooters are a great bunch of people, and they come from all walks of life.
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