Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club.

GDPR Statement 2018

1. Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club (the Club) is a Home Office approved Gun Club based in Withybush Lane, Haverfordwest, SA62 4BS.

2. The club is a Private Club owned and run solely for and by its members. It has no commercial interest. Its single purpose is to provide Shooting Ranges and a Club environment for its Members, Prospective Members and Guests.

3. As a H.O. Approved Club, the Club is Legally Obliged to hold information on the people using the club. The statutory information that the club holds on each individual member of the Club is listed below. In all cases, this information is held by Law for a period of 6 years, even after a member ceases to be associated with the Club. The data held is as follows.

  • Members Full Name and Title.
  • Members Date and Place of Birth.
  • Members Full Address.
  • Date of Membership Application and Election to the Club.
  • Members ID Photograph and Club Membership Number.
  • Firearms Register of guns the Member owns and intends to use for Club activities.
  • Members shooting activities at the Club and at Club sponsored events. (when you shot, what you used)
  • FAC and SGC renewal Dates.

4. In addition, the Club keeps Information on each individual Member as stated below for the reason given. It is our intention that this Information will be kept for 6 years after a Member resigns from the Club, subject to the Members presumed consent (the right to be forgotten)

  • Members Telephone and Mobile numbers. – for contact information and Administration Purposes.
  • Members e-mail Address – to inform Members of Upcoming Club Activities, Range Outages etc. (e mail contact was passed as a Condition of Membership and added to the Club Constitution in the January 2018 AGM)
  • Members National Organization Affiliation (yearly details of members Affiliation to specifically the NRA, but to other relevant shooting Organizations as well). This information is needed for Capitation reasons.

5.  The Club holds some membership information on computer. The computer in question is the Privately owned Desktop Personal Computer of the Club Secretary. The computer in question is protected by the latest Virus and Malware protection and the data itself is held in a separate secure Data Vault within the computer. The information held, and the reason for holding it are as follows :-a. Membership Numbers Names and Addresses in a Word Access file for the purposes of providing letters and envelopes for mailshots.

  • Members Photographs indexed to their Membership Numbers to enable Membership Badges to be produced, and a duplicate record of said badges.
  • NRA spreadsheet containing full details of applications for NRA Shooters Certification Cards (Range Cards) if so requested by individual Members.

6. Some information on Club Members is distributed to Third Parties, sometimes by computer. The information concerned and the reason for it are listed below:-

  • Membership Names of NRA Members within the Club to the NRA for Capitation relief.
  • The Shooters Certification Card details mentioned above to the NRA for the Annual production of SCC cards by the NRA.
  • Competition Participation, Scores and Entrants names widely publicized through the Club Web Site after every Competition. These scores may well be shared with other shooting organizations such as the MLAGB and the WGRA.

7. Information is also held on non-members of the Club.

  • Visitors or Guests entering the site are required by Law to sign a Section 15 (Firearms Act) declaration form stating that they are not Prescribed Persons. This notes details of their Full Names, Full Addresses, Contact Telephone and Date of Birth as well as the Date of attendance at the club. This information is shared with Dyfed Powys Police as a Statutory Requirement and the forms are held by the Club for a period of 6 years. On subsequent visits to the Club, Visitors and Guests are required to fill in the Visitors Book each time. The record of their visit is also kept for 6 years.
  • Application for Membership forms are required to be filled in by each person applying for Membership of the Club. This form by Law, asks for all the Statutory Information as listed for Full Members, plus details of past residence if the current domicile has been occupied for less than 5 years. It also asks about FAC and SGC ownership and whether any of these have been applied for and denied in the past. Application forms are held for 6 years whether the applicant decides to proceed or not, or if the Application is unsuccessful for any reason. This is a Legal Requirement.
  • Potential Members are required to undergo a Probationary Membership Training Course. As part of that course Probationers are issued a Passport that records their progress through the training process. Their progress is logged, and a record of their achievement is kept as long as they remain members of the Club, or for a period of 6 years afterwards even if they are not accepted for membership, or when they cease to be members. The information in the training record is required as an NRA Audit Trail for Insurance Purposes, and is also required if an individual applies through the Club for an NRA issued SCC (Range Card). SCC’s are required if a Member wishes to participate on Club Shoots or NRA events on MOD Ranges, including those Open Meetings held at Bisley.