We are currently underwhelmed with youngish volunteers at the moment, but some of the old hands currently in forced (medical) isolation are stumping up from the 16 th August. We should not have to rely on their services!

The last spiel.:-

When we open the Club, there will be 2 fallow days a week so that any lingering CV-19 can fade and die. We need to hasten this process by doing a sanitizing operation on either Monday evenings or Tuesday mornings and again on Thursday evenings or Friday mornings.

The Sanitation duties should take about 1 hour to complete.

To do the cleaning, we need reasonably young, fit members to volunteer.

All cleaning materials will be provided as well as full P.P.E. ( bodysuit, mask, glasses, gauntlets)

Normally we will have a maximum of 38 shooting slots available per week for allocation (as we know now) which means that with ~ 200 members, you will expect on average, to get a shoot every 5 to 6 weeks. (with current Social distancing rules)

As an incentive for the volunteers, you will be guaranteed a shoot after every cleaning operation you perform (either on the day, or at your convenience) This will not affect your normal shoot slot.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact htscsec@gmail .com , stating your proffered cleaning day and frequency that you can do.

If we get 10 volunteers, then you will be asked to do a clean once every 5 weeks (and end up with 2 shoots instead of 1) “


This is the end of the e mail bit.


The above message will be repeated to you in an e mail. exactly as above, – except if you have already volunteered.

For those reading this message on the web site only.

If you do not get the above email, then you need to contact htscsec@gmail.com AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.