On Tuesday 25th February HTSC were invited to a competition at Narberth Dragons rifle club. A good night was had by all – although we were short of shooters we borrowed 2 of their junior members who shot very well. The scores are listed below.


1st Round

Dragon Rifle club 323.6

HTSC                    310.7


Diff 12.9


2nd Round

Dragon Rifle club 315.4

HTSC                    294.1


Diff 21.3


Overall Diff 34.2


Top Shots


Dragon Rifle club                                           HTSC

1st Julie Phillips  96.1                                      1st Martin Davies 91.1

2nd Emyr Davies 93.4                                     2nd Ben Morris 88.3

=3rd David Evans 92.2                                    3rd Mark Simkins 88.1

=3rd Vincent Brinton 92.2


Junior Top Shot

Vincent Brinton 92.2