We have cancelled the upcoming Penally trip, but a visit to Castlemartin has been arranged for Wednesday September 4th.

This range does not require that we post sentries or put markers in the buttes as the targets are of the knock down type. Thus saving a lot of effort and making it possible for all to shoot all day. We will need to know the names of people intending to come to this shoot by 20th August and require payment at the time of booking.

The Castlmartin Range will allow us to shoot out to 900 metres, but on this initial occasion we will be restricted to a maximum of 600 metres.


Information about Castlemartin

Castlemartin covers about 5,900 acres (2,390 ha) of freehold land on the South Pembrokeshire coast within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

The War Office requisitioned the area in 1938 from the Cawdor Estate, and many ruins of the former settlements that belonged to the 53 farming communities, which had to be relocated, can still be seen. The land was returned to farming after the Second World War, but in 1951 the Korean War saw its reactivation for range use, which has remained in being ever since. Farming has also continued alongside the range’s primary use with cattle, and in the winter, flocks of sheep. A beautiful area designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Castlemartin contains a wide variety of flora, as well as some of the finest limestone coastal scenery in the National Park. It has significant archaeological and geological interest, including fossil records of international significance. Castlemartin has been preserved as a spectacular coastal landscape, and Defence Estates manages its special heritage to preserve it for future generations.