The 2015 season got underway with a bang over the last 2 weekends, with a fantastic turnout of 14 shooters for the SB competition. Here are the results of the shoot. These include a new Classic category where the competition is shot with iron sights. Marek’s K22 seems to be working well in the LBP competitions.


Centre Fire.

1st Tim Ward                                 300  22X

2nd  Richard James                    300  17X

2nd    Ian McCallum                  300  17x  

3rd Adam Kendrick                      299  20X

4th Peter Biebrach                       298  18X

5th Robert Wheeler                     296  17X

6th John Munt                               296  9X

7th Mark Simpkins                       296  4X

8th Daffydd Perks                         295  15X

9th Jill Tanner                                294  12X

10 Mike Perritt                             291  13X

11 Tom Davies                             291  9X



 1st  Daffydd Perks                 294  10x

2nd  Tim Ward                       294  8x

3rd  Jill Tanner                      292  9x

4th  Peter Biebrach                291  10x

5th  Robert Wheeler              291  6x

6th  Richard James                290  9x

7th  Sutton Tanner                 290  4x

8th  Ian McCallum                 289  7x

9th  Tom Davies                      285  1x

10th Richard Farrelly            283  6x

11th Lorraine Neale               279  4x

12th Gareth Rees                    279  2x

13th Mark Simpkins              277  3x

14th John Munt                      268  6x      



1st  Marek Pawlik                 297  12x

2nd  Richard James               290  11x



1st  Marek Pawlik                  295  7x

2nd  Chas Rone                     289  4x

3rd  Richard James                281  6x

4th  Richard Farrelly             278  2x



1st  Tim Ward                        299  10x

2nd  Daffydd Perks                298  10x

3rd  Robert Wheeler              297  10x

4th  Peter Biebrach                295  13x

5th  Adam Kendrick              294  11x

6th  Richard James                293  8x

7th  Tom Davies                     288  9x

8th  Gareth Rees                    283  4x