Story and title from Marek.

(at least Chas is pretty)

The tale of  3 ugly ducklings,  and Chas, from our club at the  Gallery Rifle National championships  held in Bisley on the weekend of 31st August . Rob, Marek and Adam, apart from being ugly have another thing in common . They were all at Bisley this weekend gone . Rob took 2 Bronze Medals in underlever and then shot for Wales, helping them beat Scotland and coming second to England in the International match on Saturday.
Marek entered 8 matches and won 5 Golds all in X class – 4 with his revolvers, and one with his pistol ,- including the coveted T&P 1 and Multi Target. Marek was sporting a new straw sun hat which he thinks gave him an advantage only to be pipped by Adam sporting an even more  unique hat , making him look like Popeye from the French Connection.  Adam did not shoot as he was busy commanding the range and of particular note he was in charge of controlling 2 ranges full of top shooters at the International match on Saturday .We think he sneaked the hat in as Lorraine was not with him and she usually addresses his wardrobe . Wait till she sees the photos !!!! 

So how does Chas come into this ? – well  Rob and Marek were discussing how to get more of our club members involved in competing away and both were commenting that Chas at his tender age of ????? (Methuselah + -Ed.) is  still shooting scores in the Mini McQueen which would regularly get him wins at Bisley on a National level. How`s that for inspiring ??!!!!!  Rob , Marek and Adam have the knowledge , experience and want to help develop Gallery Rifle shooters at the club , plus we have John Rolfe and Gareth Irving, who have both helped coach our boys . All, you have to do is pick up the phone or email Marek. You DON’T have to be good , you just need to enjoy it . We saw people shooting in the National teams who were well below the level of some of our shooters at the Club. So come on, have a go!

The three Ugly Ducklings will guide you through everything you need to know and do to get you to a competitive position .  You may be representing the Club  or  Wales or winning National titles. But the main thing is You will undoubtedly  be enjoying   it.
For Marek’s details please contact the club website .