Hello members news from Bisley.

Saturday morning in Bisley the weather wasn’t too bad, not sunny and quite warm but the afternoon was horrendous weather wise.

We were trying to shoot T+P1 when it thundered with lightning and rain coming down like stair rods stopped the shoot because of targets falling off, boards were falling down and one bank of targets failed to turn completely so we had to move from C to D range.

Sutton’s gun had a fit and failed to perform, Marek and I stuck it out in our flimsy wet weather gear (which did’nt work by the way!!!), we were soaked through to the skin.

The Range Officer said “we had to keep going because we were under the clock and had to stop shooting soon”.  No medals for us on this trip I don’t think!!!

On Sunday morning when I woke there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, at Bisley the rivers and puddles had dried up through beautiful sunshine so it’s not a level playing field really is it!!!

Anyway a good time was had by all – if we don’t get pneumonia!!!

Nevertheless we are still looking forward to the Autumn Action Weekend organised for the end of October 2012.  DO FEEL FREE TO JOIN US!!!

BREAKING NEWS –  In spite of the adverse weather conditions MAREK PAWLIK managed to achieve a Gold Medal (1st place) with 278 x 6 in the 25m precision with his LPR something he has been after for a long time.  He also had a 3rd place in the advancing traget with 169 x 18 with his LBR.  And he had a 10th place in the T + P1 despite the torrential rain and adverse condition we were under.  JILL TANNER managed to achieve a 5th place in the MT with 107 x 6.  Well done guys.

If you would like to see the full results go to www.galleryrifle.org.uk.