Hannah Scott representing Wales travelled to the Hague in the Netherlands for the 2015 Air Intershoot on 5-7th February. The journey was quite eventful. Her plane from Cardiff the day before the event was delayed, delayed again and then cancelled. The airline wanted to fly her and a fellow shooter to Edinburgh, and then on to Amsterdam, which would have meant missing the first day of competition. In the end they flew out of Bristol arriving at 11.30PM (this flying business will never catch on – ED.)

This meant that she had missed her Practice/Training slot times and so had to go cold into the competition. As Hannah said, thankfully her Steyr LP2 pistol , and RWS R10 pellets had gone out earlier , otherwise she doubts whether she would have got to the Hague at all. In spite of all the difficulties , on the third day she shot a personal best! Twenty four countries took part in the competition, Wales Netherlands, Mexico, Korea, Romania, Norway, Belgium, Jersey, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg, India, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Curacao, Latvia, Ireland, Guernsey, South Africa, Spain and Finland.

Hanna said that she is currently practising for the 25 Metre I.S.S.U 25 m  air pistol competition.

So, from the club- a well earned congratulations to Hannah, and we wish her even more success in the future.

(Note from John Munt)

And a reminder to our up and coming Gallery Rifle Shooters – you too are capable of getting into a Welsh Team – so let’s show the rest of Wales that Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club is on the way back to where it used to be – on the top!

From John Munt.