Dear Shooting Friends,

Please find below the Governemnts response to the E-Partition to use Bisley for the 2012 Games and the return of .22 Target Pistol Shooting.

The Olympic Board confirmed in October 2009 that the Royal Artillery Barracks at Woolwich will be the venue for staging the Olympic and Paralympic shooting events. The Olympic Board decision has also received the full support of the International Olympic Committee and the International Shooting Sports Federation.

As a consequence, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) are now focused on delivering a high quality shooting venue at the iconic Barracks and showcasing the sport to existing and new audiences in the summer of 2012. Another important milestone towards delivering the venue was recently reached when the ODA submitted the town planning application to the London Borough of Greenwich for its consideration.

As legacy is not just about bricks and mortar the government is working with the ODA, LOCOG and the national governing body to consider all possible legacy opportunities for the sport. This engagement includes exploring the potential to relocate the assets and equipment used during the events as a post Games legacy.

The Government has no plans to repeal the ban on small calibre pistols. The ban, which was part of the 1997 handgun ban, was intended to ensure, as far as possible, that the events of 13 March 1996 at Dunblane Primary School, when a legally held pistol was used to shoot dead sixteen children and a teacher, would not be allowed to happen again. Parliament was aware at the time that the ban would prevent people from target shooting with pistols in this country.

However, the Government did make a commitment to consider favourably the question of allowing pistol shooting at any major, multi-disciplinary sporting events held in this country. The Home Secretary has powers which allow this and which were exercised when the Commonwealth Games were held in Manchester in 2002 and which he will use again for the 2012 Olympics in London. He has also agreed, exceptionally, to allow the GB pistol squad to train here in advance of the 2012 Games. However, these arrangements will end once the 2012 Games are over.

So there you – No Lasting Legacy and no .22 Pistol, You might say we are Screwed. It makes you wonder if you should vote Labour at the next Electon.

Best Regards