This Wednesday is our Annual General Meeting to be held in the Mariners Hotel Upstairs meeting Room commencing at 8.00. This will be followed by the Annual Prizegiving for the 2019 Competition season.

The main purpose of the AGM is to elect a Committee for 2020. The incumbent committee standing for re-election is as follows.

Chairman –                               (D. Scheeres)

Vice Chair –                              (Vacant)

Secretary –                               (J. Trussler)

Treasurer –                                (P.Taylor)

Membership Secretary –          (J. Munt)

Comps. Secretary –                   (Vacant)

Range Development –               (J.Lloyd)

Training                                   (P. Biebrach)

Committee  {10} – (6- 7 FAC – 3-4 Air)  – (M Simpkins, I. McCallan, , J. Smith, T. Sutton, L. Rose, C.Rone, (Vacant +1)   Air section –  (A. Davies, M Davies, P Rogers )

All posts are up for election, and at the Chairman’s discretion, nominations may be taken from the floor.