Extra Gallery Rifle Comp – Sun 27th Jan

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Shooters who turned out for the recent Gallery Rifle competition may recall that we had intended to also shoot a Multi-Target Service ‘B’ competition, but the large turn-out made it unfeasible. So we rescheduled this competition to take place on Sunday 27th January instead. It was for Full-Bore Underlever Rifles, LBRs and LBPs. The results are in! See them online...

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Timed & Precision (PP1) Comp – 14 Jan 2013

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  With the cold gnawing at our bones and John Munt reduced to shouting ‘SHOOT NOW!’ because the turning system on the targets was frozen solid for the first detail, it was an interesting and competitive first Gallery Rifle competition for 2013.   The attendance was impressive, and may well be a record for recent years, as the membership continues to grow steadily. Some of the shooting was very impressive too – the...

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Next Comp – Sun 18th Nov @ 10:00 – America Match

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The next gallery rifle competition at the club will be an America Match on Sunday 18th November 2012 at 10:00.   There was some debate at the Club today on the exact courses of fire and target selection and an official manual was consulted accordingly. Not sure if this is the actual manual, but some members may still find it an interesting read (downloadable in PDF format)!   Our version will be for full-bore and small-bore firearms...

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Taurus .38 / .357 LBR

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  This Long Barrel Revolver was bought for a very reasonable price from another Club member. It is the gun I enjoy shooting the most – even though accuracy with LBRs can pose the biggest challenge of any of the sort of Gallery Rifle shooting we do at the Club. It takes much more practice to become proficient in LBRs than the time I can devote to it, but we do have some shooters such as Marek Pawlik and Richard James whose LBR skills...

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El Presidente Competition Results

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This competition was shot on 4th November and the results are online now on the Results Page.   Apologies to anyone who missed this as it wasn’t on the 2012 Calendar and as I wasn’t advised about it the website listing wasn’t updated.   At the time of writing I have the positions so have been able to work out the league points. But I haven’t been supplied with the actual scores, so I’ll try to get hold of...

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