Black Powder Pistol Comp & Other News

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The 50m stage was shot on Sunday 24th March. The results are in: Click here… No further info has been sent through I’m afraid. Also, black powder shooters don’t forget that the Welsh Muzzle Loading Championships for pistols and rifles are going to be held at the club on Sat & Sun April 6th and 7th. Finally a reminder to gallery rifle shooters that once again this year the Welsh Gallery Rifle Club nationals will be held in...

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.310 Cadet Rifle Competition

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  The Cadet is an obsolete .310 calibre centrefire single shot rifle produced in the United Kingdom by the Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd (BSA) for the use of Australian military cadets. It was based on a miniature version of the Martini-Henry. After being sold by the Australian government many were converted to sporting or target rifles, and often re-chambered to various small calibres.   Our competition on Sunday 17th Feb was for...

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Mauser / Muzzle Loading Comps

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The results are in for the couple of competitions run on Sunday 20th January on the 50m range. Your correspondent was unfortunately unable to attend, so in the absence of any feedback from competitors or organisers of the events, there’s nothing much to report other than the numbers, I’m afraid. Pete Biebrach took the Muzzle Loading Comp, which was a Dr Martin Roberts trophy competition held over from 2012 due to “fixture...

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