Small Bore Gallery Rifle Comps

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  Two small bore disciplines were shot on Sunday 10th Feb: Timed & Precision (PP1) and Multi-Target (Service ‘B’).   Despite the foul wet weather and the increasing depth of mud on the 25m range, the turn out was excellent and the sport very competitive. A minor problem with a turning targets malfunction didn’t seem to put off the affected shooters with several electing to continue to the final stage without...

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Next Comp – Sun 18th Nov @ 10:00 – America Match

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The next gallery rifle competition at the club will be an America Match on Sunday 18th November 2012 at 10:00.   There was some debate at the Club today on the exact courses of fire and target selection and an official manual was consulted accordingly. Not sure if this is the actual manual, but some members may still find it an interesting read (downloadable in PDF format)!   Our version will be for full-bore and small-bore firearms...

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Ruger 10/22 Custom

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  This started life as a very basic Ruger 10/22 which, even with my very limited shooting skills was a bit rubbish for competitions! Here’s how it looked to start out with…     So I gradually customised it over the next year or so until the only remaining part from the original gun is the receiver! Every other single part has been replaced. As someone new to shooting it has been a great way to learn about how guns...

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El Presidente Competition Results

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This competition was shot on 4th November and the results are online now on the Results Page.   Apologies to anyone who missed this as it wasn’t on the 2012 Calendar and as I wasn’t advised about it the website listing wasn’t updated.   At the time of writing I have the positions so have been able to work out the league points. But I haven’t been supplied with the actual scores, so I’ll try to get hold of...

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