We all arrived at the Shooting ground on Friday signed in and collected our score cards ready for the next days shooting.  We had a very good meal together and a really enjoyable social evening.

We trotted off to the range on Saturday for our different competitions and Sutton went to his first competition at Melville in a new pair of trousers.  He bent down to place his gun case on the floor and the seam of his trousers ripped right up at the back, thank goodness he had clean undies on!!! As you can imagine he was not amused but there was nothing I could do for him at the time so he had to carry on.  He took it all very well considering and later I borrowed a needle and cotton from Jane in the Office to do a repair.  On his second competition he crossed fired two shots and the guy whose target it was shook his hand and said “thanks mate for the extra twenty points”.  And, on his third competition his magazines jammed, so as far as Sutton is concerned the competition didn’t happen!!!

Jill had a jam in the Timed and Precision 1 competition; the last two shots didn’t leave the magazine dropping twenty points.  In the Advancing Target she had a Silver score with a bronze place, so she has come home with a bronze medal.

Chas and Marek were neck and neck in the T & P comp but on Chas’s last shot the round ejected hit the scope and bounced back to cause a jam so he lost the last ten points.

Marek shot well he had a gold medal in the 50m Precision and a silver medal in the Timed and Precision 1. We were very lucky the weather was kind to us and the firework display was magnificent as usual.  And the buffet at the ARA Officers Mess was brilliantly cooked by Taff with plenty of seconds to go around.

On the Sunday they hold The Bisley Antique & Classic Arms Fair in the Pavilion.  It’s always very good to wander around looking at some really interesting old guns even though a lot are de-activated, but it was just like being at our Club on a Sunday morning as a lot of our members were there, either on the stalls or looking around the show.

This is definitely one shoot not to miss