Here are the results from Nia.

Scores from Sunday are:
Nia Evans 49.4
Jan Daniels 49.2
Chas Rone 49.2
Tim Sutton 46.1
Rob Barrett 45.2
Dai Sneade 45.0
Roy Delve 44.0
Phil Cole 35.1
Peter Biebrach 32.0
Jan Trussler 12

Phil, Tim and my scores were taken from our second attempt & I am sure if there had been time for Jan and Chas to have a second shot that they’d have beaten me!

That brings me to the point that we may have to limit it to one attempt per person as we didn’t finish until almost 1pm.


In my defence I fitted a Chinese scope during the week only to find that it would not zero. There is a lesson there – paraphrasing Dean Ruskin “if you buy an expensive scope you run the risk of wasting some of your money – if you buy a Chinese scope you risk losing all of your money” JT