Here are the results from John

Well done to Lance for having his first attempt at Multi Target – he had a practice go after his comp and he had improved by 20 points.

One point when you put a .22 mag in your gun make sure it is actually loaded! (name withheld). Thanks to Chas & Dai for helping run the comps – Dai has mastered the timer!


Multi Target November 2018 Scores ex 120 (24 shots)

.22 L/R Rifle
1st John Rolfe                115      14x
2nd Peter Biebrach      111      8x
3rd Dai Sneed                108      7x
4th Lance Rose               89        2x
5th Gareth Rees              69        2x

FB U/Lever
1st John Rolfe               117      17x
2nd Peter Biebrach      116      9x
3rd John Munt              107      7x
4th Lance Rose              96        10x

FB U/Lever Classic
1st Jan Daniells            107      6x
2nd Gareth Rees            79        1x

1st Marek Pawlik         116      9x
2nd Chas Rone               95        2x

1st Maek Pawlik          111      8x
2nd John Rolfe             110      7x