Results and note from Peter.

Results 100 mt Benchrest Comp. 24th Feb 2019

Scoped Section

Course of fire consisted of three sighters and two sets of 5 shots on two targets all in 10 minutes.

Good number of competitors.  Lance did very well to win with two really tight groups shot with his 6.5mm.

If you look carefully at the pictures you will see that the bull is only the size of a one penny piece. Put one on a wall and walk back 100 meters and see if you could hit it!

Lance Rose,                     94 4x

Peter Biebrach                89 1x

Jan Daniels                       86 4x

Rob Barrett                      86 2x

Mark White                      85 2x

Chas Rhone                      84 1x

Peter Taylor                     82 1x

Steve Allum                      82  (On countback)

Paul Catling                      82

Phill Cole                           79 2x

Tim Ward                          69 2x

Anthony James                 66

Iron sights section.

Course of fire 13 shots on PL7 card. Best 10 to count.

Colin did very well indeed.

Colin O’Neill                 93

Paul James                    87

Peter Biebrach             70

Lance’s Targets

That’s a penny .