Results of Sunday 25th September Shoot. – From Pete B.
The course of fire was that of a Standard Pistol Competition.
The course was originally deigned to be shot  with a pistol, either full bore or small bore.
The course of fire on Sunday consisted of:
5 shots in 150 seconds shot twice
5 shots in 20 seconds shot twice
5 shots in 10 seconds shot twice.
Total maximum score 300
All competitors used .22 Gallery Rifles, except Chas who competed against himself with a Long Barreled Revolver…and won!!
1st   Dafydd Perks        292   9 x’s
2nd  Tim Ward              291   7x’s
3rd   Peter Biebrach     289    7x’s
4th   Sutton Tanner       284    8x’s
5th   John Munt             281    11x’s
6th   Jill Tanner              274    7x’s
7th   Nia Evans              255     3x’s
Long Barreled Revolver Class.
1st  Chas Rhone            255  2x’s