Marek, Adam and Rob Wheeler all shot at this years SAW meeting at Bisley. Lorraine was also there helping Adam with Range Officer duties on Melville E where all the 1500 shoots were taking place .

Marek only took part in 4 comps as he was restricted on time and had to prioritize his most important ones . He won T&P 1  X Class in revolver with a score of 299 out of 300. He  also won in A class Multi Target revolver with a score that beat all the X Class shooters too (the multi target practice finally paying off). He also won A class Pistol in T&P 1 and came 3rd in Pistol multi target .

Rob as usual made our head spin with the amount of comps he shot . His notable performances were winning Advancing Target X class in Center-fire Rifle;  also winning  Advancing Target X class in Small Bore and the A class 1500 Full Bore rifle .

Adam is shooting solid and has now shot his  3rd or 4th consecutive  300 on T& P 1 center fire rifle. He tells us he doesn’t practice – will have to ask Lorraine!!

A great weekend was had with good shooting conditions. The next  major event is the Phoenix  held over the Whit weekend (26 – 28th. of May), with a much larger group of shooters going from our club. This  includes Jill and Sutton Tanner, which means we will probably have storms. Jill and Sutton have a knack of attracting the most unbelievable weather to Bisley (see past reports). !!!

Our club comps. are great practice for Bisley and a good place to learn from the more experienced shooters, who are always happy to help .

(From Marek)