By popular demand (Dai) – we have added a 100m Benchrest Smallbore competition to our calendar on June 16th (Father’s Day).

Format if you have shot it before is 3 sighters and 5 each to count on the scoring targets of our Bluebottle targets. – all in 10 minutes.

If you have not done it before, then we will give you 15 minutes and unlimited sighters on the first target. With standard ammo (1080fps) the aim point at 100 m is 7″ up on 50 m. ( that’s 7 mins of extra elevation)

If you want to practice it at 50 M, make a mark 3.5 inches higher than your aiming mark centre, and increase your elevation until the shot holes get to the mark.

Supersonic ammo – you are on your own. They will go through the sound barrier halfway down the pitch and go all over the place.