If you intend to shoot on Military Ranges (and that includes Bisley) in 2020, you will need a Shooters Certification Card (SCC) covering the disciplines you wish to shoot.

If you had a card last year, and want a new one AND YOUR DETAILS HAVE NOT CHANGED IN ANY WAY, then let me know with an e mail saying you want to continue with your SCC.

If you do want a new card and your details have changed, then fill in the enclosed form (below).

If you did not have a card last year, but want one now, then again fill in the form.

Forms must be returned to htscsec@gmail.com.

The photograph that you will get on your new card will be the same as your last one, or your club badge one, unless you enclose a new one as a passport style JPEG with a title that looks like this Surname – ddmmyy . For example- Williams- 290252.

Here is the form http://www.haverfordwestshootingclub.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/NRA-Shooters-Certification-Cards-for-2020.docx

It looks like this

NRA Shooters Certification Cards for 2020

New Shooters Application Form

Essential Information.

1. Full Name  
2. Date of Birth  
3. E mail address  
4 Contact Number  
5 Address Line 1  
6 Address Line 2  
7 Town  
8 Postcode  


These are the only disciplines we can certify you for. Tick the ones you want (y)(n)

Discipline Yes/No
Telescopic Rifle  
Iron Sighted Rifle  
Muzzle Loading Rifle  
Long Range Pistol (LBR, LBP)  
Muzzle Loading Pistol  
Gallery Rifle  

Please note:- we cannot certify Short Range Pistol, Heritage Pistol, Target Shotgun, or High Muzzle Energy Rifle. If you need these, then you will have to go elsewhere to get certified.

Return this form fully complete to htscsec@gmail.com.-  No paper copies PLEASE

Signed (Print Name)

 (Membership Number)