Sunday’s competition was notable for a lot of re entries, which kept the scores up. Chas’s last effort was at 1.00 and there were still a couple of people hanging about even at that time,

Not sure whether Rob was penalized for not making the trolley or just had an off day.

Results from John.

Mini McQueen Results  – 10 rounds small bore at 50m ( scores ex.50)

Chas Rone                           48 2V
Mike Perrett                       46 3V
John Rolfe                           46 1V
Peter Biebrach                   45 3V
Nia Evans                            45 2v

Tim Sutton                          42 0v

Jan Trussler                        34 0v

Mike Corbett                      31

Paul Bird (bolt action)     27

Rob Barrett                        12 (didn’t make the trolley!)