My first under-lever, bought for Gallery Rifle competitions was a Winchester ’94 AE (replica – of course!). I really enjoyed shooting it but the action was just too unreliable for competitions and there was a high risk of it not cycling properly and causing jams at crucial moments. I managed to sell it though (well, ‘buyer beware’ and all that!) and I used the cash raised to get this gun. I had intended to go for a Marlin 1894C which had been highly recommended as a good all-round competition under-lever.

But on one of my trips to Lancashire this year I found a shop on the internet called McAvoys Guns. Armed with a free slot on my FAC, I called in for a browse, having first checked that a Marlin was in stock. They have a great shop packed with exciting stuff for shooters and a family staff of very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly people! Sadly 200 miles from us, but if you’re ever near Wigan…


Anyway, they showed me this stainless steel Rossi and swore blind that even though it was £300 cheaper than the Marlin the action would be smooth and sweet. And as I had already decided that a scope on a cowboy gun isn’t for me, I decided to save a little cash. I also got a great deal on a CZ452 .22 bolt-action as part-exchange.

I am delighted to report that the action is as smooth as they claimed. Sadly my shooting with iron-sights is rubbish – but it’s a good excuse for having to practise so much, especially if I’m going to stand any chance of not finishing last when I use it in competitions!