Our inaugural smallbore shoot saw 9 brave souls braving the elephants and the fumes from the genny for a satisfying if not plain forward shoot. We had some shooters who needed sighting in and others trying to use Supersonic ammo. Not a good idea at 100 M. There was also a bit of cross shooting that we need to eliminate. JT was the main beneficiary, to the tune of 1 or 2 extra points that he did not deserve, having his rifle sighted at 50 m to start with!

Here are the results All scores ex. 100.

Wednesday League  Smallbore  Benchrest Competition
Competitor Round 1 ScoreRound pointsAggregate Points
Peter Biebrach901010
Jan Trussler8977
Tim Sutton8655
Rob Barrett8344
Dai Sneade7833
David Jones7322
Colin O’Neil7211
Robert McLaren5711
Iron Sights
Gareth Jones851010