The advice given below has been gleaned in discussions with Dyfed Powys Police Firearms licencing Department, and is valid for the renewal of FAC’s and SGC’s.

Important Changes.

  1. The length of time a FAC will run has changed to 5 years, so think ahead about what you put in for. The Forms are now normally only available online.
  2. The change is causing lumpy workload which has resulted in the Firearms Licencing Department sending out renewal notices 12 weeks in advance. It is in your interest to get your certificate renewal in as soon as possible
  3. Dyfed Powys will no longer be issuing temporary certificates if your current certificate runs out before they issue a new one. If this happens to you, you must lodge your guns with a dealer or surrender them before your certificate end date, at your own expense. If you do not, you face confiscation of your guns and possible imprisonment.
  4. An exception to this rule is that a temporary certificate may be issued if you return your renewal application 8 weeks before the renewal date, and due to problems in the Firearms Licencing Department, they are unable to issue you with a new one.
  5.  As a result of this long time period, at times individuals may well get their new certificates back weeks before the start date. According to DPP, this just means that you had a previous certificate, and only one can be active at any one time. The advice is to keep a photocopy of your old certificate to prove continuity. Any additional guns on the certificate, not on the old one can be bought immediately you have the new certificate, even if it has not started yet.
  6. You will not lose any certificate time by getting a new certificate early as certificates run contiguously.
  7. If you are applying for a Black Powder Certificate (Fit Person’s Certificate), you no longer need to make a separate application for a Recipient Competent Authority Transfer Document (POMSTER), as this will be issued by the Firearms Licencing Department at the same time.

Get that renewal in on time and spread the word to everyone you know with a gun (Farmers etc.) outside the club.