Message from Dave Maltby regarding a proposed Training weekend at Bisley.

To All.

It is proposed to hold a Gallery Rifle Training session at Bisley Range over the weekend of 21st and 22nd of February 2015.

The training session will mainly be aimed at the novice shooter but more experienced shooters are welcome to attend to pass on their knowledge to the newer shooters.

There will also be chance to shoot at 50m .

Cost’s at present are not available as range cost will have to be shared by all, the more attending the less the cost. For costs to be reasonable at least 12 attendee’s would be required.

Please advise me by Friday 16 January 2015 if you would wish to attend. Once numbers are known. further information will then be provided including accommodation details.

To Clubs receiving this message can they circulate amongst members to pass this information and my address on.


Dave Meaby.

Welsh Gallery Rifle Club.

PS. Talk to Jan if you want to stay in Bullet Lodge over the weekend.