a. A Working party will be organized for Monday afternoon/evening.
b. Ranges Closed Monday afternoon and evening.
c.  The Welsh Open Gallery Rifle meeting will be using the ranges from Thursday through Sunday. Ranges open again on Monday 8th.

Please can anyone who can come along to help give Mark Simpkins a ring  on 07770 731356

Jobs List
1. Good brush up around 25m lanes.
2. Cleaning around targets on 25m and 50m ranges.
3. Grading the sand bank on the 25m and 50m range.
4. Club may need a clean.
5. John M is hopefully arranging for sand to be delivered and
 some needs to be put on the butt on the 25 range along with the 
6. Old Christmas tree needs to be moved and dumped.
7. Someone needs to arrange some good shooting weather for next 
8. Clean 50m /brush 50m firing pooint.
9. Sand fill the 50m Bund on top of the swimming pool.
10. Grass strip cutting - Measuring out ranges and marking distance 
11. Reface target frames.
12. If it moves salute it, - if it doesn't move, paint it white.