Hello everyone the Phoenix has been and gone once more. The weather on Friday was absolutely terrible, cold and I don’t think it stopped raining all day. However, Saturday and Sunday was magnificent sunshine but a little cold, better for competing.

In many ways, and for many people, the Phoenix is just another Gallery Rifle Action Weekend (GRAW). Four of these are held every season at Bisley. (SAW) Spring Action Weekend, the Phoenix, the Nationals and the (AAW) Autumn Action Weekend. Understandably some events are more popular than others; however, some are surprisingly under represented.

There are so many competitors from all corner of the globe and so many competitions to be shot at the Phoenix it’s impossible to shoot every competition listed. T&P1  Air Pistol for example, a lot of the Long Barrelled Pistol (LBP) events, some of the longer range events and a handful of classic and open events are all crying out for more competitive input. Although I must say I did see a lot more (LBP’s) this year and I am very pleased to say Sutton Tanner who shot his new (LBP) at Bisley for the first time managed to come away with a Gold Medal in Advancing Target.   He also won a Bronze Medal in the M T (Multi-Target)  Well done Sutton!!!


Marek Pawlik another member of our club who tries very hard to enter all four (GRAW) shot six competitions on the Friday (a lot of competitions in one day), due to his work pressures. He shot very well and was in the first six places in all the competitions he shot.  But in two competitions he achieved  Bronze Medals with his LBR (Long Barrel Revolver) in the Multi-Target and the Advancing Target.  Well done Marek!!!

Adam Kendrick who is a comparatively new comer to our club came to the Phoenix and had a go entering four competitions. He shot really well and was 9th in T&P1 (Timed and Precision 1) with a very impressive score of 295 x 15 and 15th in MT (Multi-Target) with 90 x 14.   He also came 21st in the Alan Whittle Newcomers Trophy, considering this was his first competition at Bisley we think he did well,  but he is “the special one” the big boys are going to have to watch!!!

Jill had some good scores but also had trouble with her equipment.

There were a lot of club members who travelled to the Phoenix to visit the trade stands. Each to their own of course, but I think people are missing out if they choose to overlook the main reason the ranges exist in the first place.

Full results are on www.galleryrifle.org.uk and the www.NRA web site now.