Three members of Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club were supported by 9 members of other clubs including Aberystwyth Rifle and Pistol Club and Penrhiwpal Shooting Club. Haverfordwest Members were pleased to be able to host and encourage inter-club relations and reacquaint with old shooting friends and make some new ones.

Dave Scheeres acted as RCO for the day and the shooters were blessed with a cloudless sky and the MOD safety boat in attendance which meant that there were minimal stoppages caused by marine traffic entering the danger zone between the range and Caldey Island.

As is usual, shooting commenced at 200 metres in the morning and then 500 metres in the afternoon.

A variety of interesting firearms were used with some competence including a Steyr Bullpup rifle, flintlock target rifle and a selection of modern target rifles. At times the shooting, particularly at 500 metres, was quite challenging as the wind was brisk on occasion and did change direction.

Every shooter had sufficient time to fire at both distances and all helped out with Sentry and Butt duties.

Members welcomed a member of a police tactical firearms unit who was holidaying in the area and happened to drop by and explained his experience was restricted to ranges of 50 metres or less. The intricacies of long distance shooting were shared with him and he took advantage of some expert tuition from one of the shooters at the 500 metre firing point. Only in Pembroke!…….

The next shoot date will be announced on the website very shortly and it is hoped that more members will attend as shooters or volunteers.