As many of you will know, our club website had been running under its old format for about 4 years. Many members have come to rely on the site for club news, competition details, and to keep tabs on how they are doing in the various championships which we run. The website has also been attracting a steady flow of enquiries from potential new members.

As the old website was held together with sticky tape and crossed fingers, it was about time it got a nice modern makeover!

As you will have seen this allows us to have a magazine style home page which features all of the latest updates about the club and our activities. We have also created a series of new categories for the news items. You can still view them all in one list, just like the old home page by clicking on the news link in the main menu above. But you will also see all of the news items categorised based on what they are about so hopefully you can find what you’re looking for more easily.

We haven’t carried across all of the old news because it’s just that – old news! But most of the items from 2012 have been, along with some of the more “historic” items from the past such as prize-giving reports etc.

This new design is on a much more accessible technology and will allow us to more easily add new content and keep members better informed on what is going on around the club. It also allows for members to comment really easily on items and have discussions without the need to set up a user account and log in every time. So we really encourage members to join in and have their say!

You will also notice things such as social media and networking options so if you have a Facebook or Twitter account it will really help our Google rankings if you can click those buttons for us as often as possible!

Finally, there is a new section where members and visitors alike can send through items to be posted on the site. We really want to hear all about your gun collections, club shooting and trips away! You can send us pictures and even video clips to share with other members.

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If you have any queries or suggestions, again, we’d love to hear from you. This website is very much intended to be a resource for our members, and a showcase to visitors and prospective new members of how our shooting club is thriving and a great place for some really enjoyable sport!

David Griffiths
Club Secretary
Nov 2012.