Here is a missive from the 50 cal club from Pete. if you can, then contact your MP in the instructions below.



Dear Member,


The “Offensive Weapons Bill” has its Second Reading on Wednesday 27 June 2018.  This is the first occasion that the bill will be debated.


Within this Bill it is proposed to ban the civilian possession of “any rifle from which a shot, bullet or other missile, with kinetic energy of more than 13,600 joules at the muzzle of the weapon, can be discharged” .. i.e. anything with over 10,000 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.


Were this Bill to pass through Government it will be the greatest threat to shooting sports in the UK since the pistol ban of 1996.


It will end .50 Calibre target shooting in the UK.


Furthermore, it is a threat to all shooting sports as in would set a precedent for the Government to impose a ban on a recognised shooting discipline without the requirement for any evidence and regardless of whether a ban would enhance public safety.


This would undoubtedly lead to further prohibitions on shooting sports without any evidence base for need or efficacy in reducing risk to the public as the Government seeks to promote a perception of a hard stance on violent crime by limiting the legitimate activities of law abiding sports men and women.


Target shooters are already a marginalised group with few resources to argue against such politically driven prohibitions that lack any evidence base.


In order to have any chance of successfully having the Bill amended, politicians need to be persuaded that it lacks any of the evidence base that is required, that it is disproportionate and that it would not enhance public safety, to do this we must engage the politicians, in the first instance your MP.


I have attached a proforma letter you could send by email and modify as you see appropriate.


Please do so immediately, even if you have already done so before, as the second reading is on this Wednesday.


Could I ask that you forward this email to the secretaries of any shooting club or syndicate that you are a member of and ask them to distribute to all club members, all shooting sports are at risk if this Bill is passed.


Please also pass to anyone else you can think may be of assistance,


Your local MP’s contact details can be found at:


The Bill and purported evidence base can be found at:


Please let me know how you get on,


Many thanks,


Chris Stevenson

Chairman, FCSA (UK)