We would like to thank Martin Roberts who gave his time for an evening talk on the safe use of muzzle loading firearms and black powder to pyrodex and beyond.  He also brought along some very old interesting guns and explained their history.  He was backed-up by Paul James who also gave a brief history on propellants and various stages of firing mechanisms through the ages.  A very enjoyable evening and thank you Martin and Paul.

If any of our members would like to attend talks, especially through the winter months, on guns through the ages and their history please make it known to a committee member.  We have many knowledgable members who could give a talk and make for an interesting evening.

Don’t forget – put your name down for the Christmas Dinner as soon as possible because the 1st of December is approaching fast.  We must have names before the 1st December in order to arrange for the tables.

The Welsh Muzzle Loading Championship weekend on the 18th was intended as an end of season get together for the muzzle loaders and the pistol shooters.  Next year the rifle shooters will be joining us when the 50m range is completed.   Unnfortunately, for a variety of reasons not everyone was able to attend and hence the rather small turnout.  Club members were also invitied to take part and we must congratulate two of our Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club members who have just recently taken up black powder shooting for having a go!!  Very well done to Sarah and Steve Lloyd; you can now say that you have shot shoulder to shoulder in a match in the company of 5 Great Britain and 7 Wales shooters – well done to you both.  Hopefully, next March/April 2010 we will once again have a full Welsh Muzzle Loading Championship.