Here are the results from Peter.

The course of fire is ten shots. Targets appear at varying time intervals. Distance, fifty metres. Maximum score for each shot is  5. Scores ex 50 Plus v’s

1  Peter Biebrach    50.4
2  Dai Sneade           49.2
3  Chris Mclarren     47.2
4 Rob Barrett              45
5   Fred Bishop          44
6   Chas Rhone           43.2
7    Rob Mclarren       42.1
8   Mark Simpkins      33
9   Roy Inskip               12

An enjoyable end to the whole competition.  With only three seconds to hit a matchbox sized target as close to the middle as possible is quite difficult. Especially as there is a variable delay of up to 15 seconds between each target appearance, and the target is fifty metres away, appearing from any  one of ten different positions.

Chris shot very well with his new rifle. Well done!