Here are the results of the Duck Shoot from Peter B.

The first shoot of the year was very enjoyable.
However, the moving knock-down targets proved elusive to some of us. (A 2 inch diameter metal disc, moving from right to left, in a row of six, visible for approximately 5 seconds, at 25 meters from the shooter.)
Rob set a high standard  as the first shooter, with a winning 36 knock-downs out of a possible 50 maximum score.
The course of fire was 10 shots in 20 seconds. This was repeated five times. The metal target had to be completely
knocked down to gain the point.

.22 RF Duck Shoot (Caldwell) 25 M Bench (EX. 50)

Rob Wheeler                 36

Tim Ward                    28

Mark Simpkins               19

Peter Biebrach              17

Paul Bird                   13

Roy Delve                   11

Roy Inskip                   7

Fred Bishop                  6