Coming Thick and Fast!!

This Sunday sees the Multi Target Competition (the old Service “B” when we were trusted with Pistols). It will be shot with Gallery Rifle, .22 Self Loaders, LBR’s and LBP’s.

Come along and join in what is likely to be a very busy and enjoyable morning.

The Competition Rules are as follows :-

11 – Multi-Target

Event Numbers

1101: GRSB

1102: GRCF

1103: GRCF Open

1104: GRCF Classic

1121: LBP

1122: LBR


GRSB: 2 x DP1 (half size)





Standing unsupported

Ready Position

45 degrees

Course of Fire

This event takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

It requires 24 rounds

The maximum possible score is 120

Practice 1

25 metres, 6 shots in 15 seconds on the left hand target

Practice 2

20 metres, 3 shots on each target in 10 seconds

Practice 3

15 metres, 6 shots

The target will make 3 x 3 second appearances with intervals of 5 seconds

2 shots to be fired at each appearance on the right hand target

The firearm must be returned to the ready position between exposures

Practice 4

10 metres, 6 shots (3 on each target) in 8 seconds

Range Commands

The general rules apply with the addition of the following initial command.

Having made sure that the range is clear, the CRO commands ‘WITH SIX ROUNDS LOAD AND MAKE READY’.


Tie breaking rules shall be applied in the order listed below:

a. By the greatest number of Xs in the event.

b. By the scores at each distance, commencing with the longest distance.

c. By the X count at each distance, commencing with the longest distance.

d. In the event of a maximum score and equal X counts at all distances, by outward gauging.

Procedural penalties – event specific

In addition to the usual procedural penalties, the following apply in this event:

a. Firing too many shots during an exposure.

b. Any shots on the wrong target.