There are a couple of Petitions out at the moment which the Committee believe should be brought to your attention, and also hope that you will sign. Click on the links in blue to get to the relevant pages.

The first of these deals with the rumblings about banning lead in ammunition. You may have seen pictures of Swans with bent necks on the news. (these are old stock pictures as the use of lead for wildfowling has been banned for many a year). A new blanket ban would make Historic,Muzzle Loading, Gallery Rifle, Air and .22 shooting dead overnight. The petition against banning lead is at –  Keep All Lead Ammunition

A second initiative is to the European Parliament who are talking about further limitation to legally owned guns in Europe. There is no proven link to the level of legally owned guns and terrorist or criminal behaviour, and they are not talking about a law banning these two groups from owning guns. At least they can see the sense in that. They have an ggenda and believe that the easiest way of shrinking what they refer to as the “Gun Pool” is to go for the 10% that they know about which is legally held, rather than the 90% illegally (not necessarily terrorist or  criminal) held guns. The petition against further erosion of our sport is at                  European Terrorist Gun Petition


On another subject, Peter Biebrach has said that he is prepared to take individuals or small groups of people through a basic reloading course at his home. If you are interested, then talk to Peter or send an e mail in to the site, and I will pass it on to Peter.