We will be holding our Classic Rifle Competition on Sunday 18th March.

Course of fire is 5 sighters in 5 minutes, followed by 30 rounds on PL7 targets. (15 on each to be counted), to be shot standing unsupported. Iron sights only.

Categories include

  1. Victorian Rifle (pre -1901)
  2. Edwardian Rifle (pre-11/11/1918)
  3. 310 Cadet – (we also accept any C/F miniature rifle in any Rook and Rabbit Calibre made before 1938)
  4. Mauser Action Rifle (any military rifle built on a Mauser Action up to 18/8/1945 – Springfields, P14 and P17 included)

You can enter as many classes as you like. You need 35 rounds per class.