A good time was had by awl – for the rest of us it was too hot for running around doing silly things. Our Gauleiter  was missing, hanging his new clock (and on a Sunday as well – tut! tut!), which led to some creative interpretation of the rules. Some of us thought that stage 1 mags had 5 rounds, others six. Also there was some confusion whether there were 3 lives or 2. Bang goes my theory of working on the long game.

The heat, and senility are not good bedmates.

In the end we had 6 victims and we finished up with the following results. John, still watchful of his back did a splendid job picking up brass and cartridge cases with a remote claw.

Course of fire

Stage 1

5 very small targets with a 22.

Stage 2

3 Blue bunnies with a shotgun.

Stage 3

5 regular skittle size targets and one stop skittle with a Lever Action.


The Results

First Place           John Rolfe   (all lives intact)

Second Place       Mark Simpkins

Runners Up          Tim Ward, Lance Rose

Cannon Fodder    Paul Bird, Jan Trussler