A beautifully sunny morning heralded the much awaited Man v Man competition. This event is where two shooters (male or female) compete against each other over an identical course of fire using black powder revolvers, shotguns and under-lever rifles.

It’s the type of competition where things go wrong! Too loose balls in your revolver and they climb up the cylinder and stop it revolving, caps fall off, or spent caps jam the works. With the shotgun it’s very easy to miss the target if you go too fast – you must remember that the shot doesn’t have the distance to spread very much. Also it’s a good idea not to mix 16-bore cartridges with 12-bore – fortunately one couldn’t get the larger cartridge to feed on top of the smaller one! Pump shotguns jam as well.

The under-levers seemed more or less trouble-free However, sometimes rounds go straight through the cardboard / wood targets without knocking them over. Oh, and I nearly forgot, you’ve also got to run back and forth across the range.

In spite of all that can and does go wrong, it’s still an extremely enjoyable morning’s competition.

Our thanks to Gareth Jones for setting up the range on the Saturday.

Pictures from Barrie Learmont & Pete Biebrach