Hi Everyone,

Sorry if I have been abrupt with some of you, but let me ask you a question, – what am I supposed to make of a message to the wrong address from “tiddlywinks 43” asking for a shoot on Wednesday?

Guess what the problems are my end.


Firstly its to the wrong address, and now I need to find a way to get it to the right computer.

Secondly -Who Hell Tiddlywinks 43? Not beyond the wit of man to spend 15 minutes going through the Data Base to find out

Thirdly – What Wednesday? As my Crystal Balls no longer function ?????

Fourthly – What range? ( see above)

What I need to be able to run the system

  1. You send requests to the right address. – htscrange20@gmail.com. – that means you are on the right computer and stand a chance.
  2. Secondly – You tell me your name (and Number from preference) – This means I can alter your token to let you in.
  3. Thirdly you need to let me know the date you want to shoot. I can leave my Crystal Balls well alone.
  4. Now you need to tell me what range you want to shoot at .This means I can allocate you a shooting bay.

Lastly a How It Works Guide to the booking system.

You need to book this week to shoot next week.

The week goes from Wednesday to Monday.

You need to get your request in by Saturday of the previous week. (shooting starts on the Wednesday)

If you are successful in gaining a place you will be sent an e mail. The latest this e mail will arrive is Monday of the week you are down to shoot (2 days before the Wednesday start)

Booking dates for the following week are released on the previous Monday.

This is not Rocket Science, and the majority of you seem to have got it.

For those who do not “get it”, please tell me what your problems are.