The latest round of the Club bench rest competition was held today. The comp. is proving to be more and more popular.  Today eight competitors took part. Some regulars were away on holiday.
The course of fire is as follows:
Caliber .22  Maximum score 250,  with 25 x Bulls
 Thirty minutes to shoot one shot at each of  twenty five individual  targets 50 metres away. The  bull being only 1cm in diameter. (About the size of a house fly)
The centre of the bull is a dot of 1.5 mm diameter, half that of the head of a match. This is called  the x bull. If hit, the fact is recorded as “x bull”.
The time includes any sighting-in shots.
A steady hand, good gun and scope as well as top class ammunition is required.
A front support can be used but the butt must be into the shooter’s shoulder. No rear butt bags allowed.
The precision needed to have a good score requires the trigger to be released between heart beats. The body’s pulse is magnified by the telescopic sight and the minute up and down movement observed through the ‘scope must be compensated for.
Today’s results are as follows.
Position                                     Score              X Bull
1. Peter Biebrach                          245                  3
2. David Tyler                               235                   7
3. Jan Danniells                            228                   4
4. Dai Sneade                                227                   1
5. Rob Barrett                               223                   3
6. Steve Allum                              205                   1
7. Tim Sutton                                201                   2
8, Chas Rhone                              192                    1
           From Peter.