First the important bit that you are all waiting for. When will the club reopen?

No good news on this front, as the lockdown is still well entrenched in Wales. Bisley have started opening their uncovered ranges, and are planning to allow their closed ranges to open, but with open air shooting only. (like shooting at 25 m on the 50m range.) Our 5 mile distance rule is likely to be eased on Monday, suggesting that Wales (the heaviest hit bit of the UK) will be about 3-4 weeks behind what happens in England.

The Committee is now looking at ways that we might be able to open the club safely again, and when these are decided, we will publish them here.

We currently do not foresee an opening date before August.

Meanwhile things are progressing at the club, with the redevelopment of the 25m firing points being nearly complete.

In addition, the doors on the 25m range are now electronic, and will operate with your gate token, once we are back to normal.

Please continue to keep in touch , and if you are not getting e mails, contact ASAP.