The Man v Man Competition which took place on the 19th went very well, a good number entered and it was very competitive.  Charles, our vernerable Chairman and long standing member hung in there until he was knocked out in the final stages and the final was fought out between two of the younger members Vaughan and Barrie with Barrie being the better shot.  A very exciting competition to watch and even more exciting to take part.

The field air competition which was held at the beginning of the month was good and there seems to be more interest among the members to join in with the air shooters.  If you have a air rifle please come along and enter the next competition, you would be very welcome and there is a nice prize at the end of the season.

If any member of the club has an interest in travelling to Wanemacher, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA to the arms fair on 14th and 15th November  09, please hurry and make arrangements with David Scheeres, he has been there before and said it is something which is well worth seeing.  Click on the links which he has put on the web site and see for yourselves the Arms Fair and the Museum, it looks very interesting and I am sure it would be a trip of a lifetime.